Memora Releases New Memora Photo, Featuring
Drag-and-Drop Integration With iPhoto=99

New version of Memora Photo integrates seamlessly with iPhoto, enabling
users to share their digital photo albums instantly; no uploads and no
storage limits

Waltham, Massachusetts =96 January 23, 2002 =96 Memora, creators of Personal
Server applications for broadband users, announced today the release of the
new iPhoto edition of its popular Memora Photo application. The latest
release blends iPhoto=92s power as a photo organizer with the ability to
share pictures with friends and family directly from one=92s own hard drive
without having to wait for lengthy uploads to remote sites, and without
storage restrictions. The company will make the first 1,000 copies
available for free from its site (

=93We were thrilled with the release of iPhoto, because, combined with our
unique photo server software, Mac OS X=99 users now have the complete
package,=94 said Antonio Rodriguez, CEO and co-founder of Memora. =93The new
release of Memora Photo enables the user to take their new iPhoto albums
and instantly share them with friends and family without having to suffer
through long uploads to their iTools=99 account.=94

With the new Memora Photo, iPhoto users can select an entire album, or
select different pictures within an album, and simply drag-and-drop to
share them. Users can add a title and captions and then click on the Invite
button to send an invitation to whomever they choose, directly from their
own hard drive. With Memora Photo the user can turn their Mac into a true
personal photo server.

About Memora Corporation
Memora was founded with the goal of making life simpler and more enjoyable
by giving people immediate access to and control over their digital
content, from music to pictures, video and documents. Memora=92s founding
team combines decades of software engineering experience in the high tech
industry with a passion for creating and enjoying software applications.
Through its Personal Server Applications and its comprehensive service
package, Memora provides users new ways of enjoying their digital content.