WOODLAND HILLS, CA [January 22, 2002] Gefen’s ex-tend-it DVI to VGA
Conversion Box and it’s sister product, the VGA to DVI Conversion Box are
cross-platform solutions that enable the connection of analog (VGA)
monitors to digital (DVI) graphics ports, and digital (DVI) monitors to
analog (VGA) graphics ports.

Most new computers today are manufactured with both digital and analog
graphics ports for monitor connection. Up until recently, however,
computers were equipped solely with analog ports. This presents a problem
to the computer user who wants to connect an older computer to a new
digital monitor without upgrading his or her entire computer system, or to
connect two analog monitors to a computer using one of the digital graphics
ports to create a dual-screen work environment.

Gefen’s ex-tend-it VGA to DVI Conversion Box effectively enables a
connection between the computer’s analog port and the digital monitor. It
works by converting the computer’s analog output to a digital one using an
advanced analog-to-digital conversion solution, which takes place safely
within the Conversion Box. The Box, which is connected with a DVI cable to
the digital monitor and with an analog cable to the computer, supports the
majority of available digital monitor resolution settings.

Conversely, the ex-tend-it DVI to VGA Conversion Box is geared to those
computer users who have upgraded to a new computer with digital graphics
ports, and want to use two analog monitors in applications requiring
monitors used side-by-side. The DVI to VGA Conversion Box completes a
complex conversion by actually merging two technologies, analog and
digital, which have no common similarities. Within the Box, the digital
signal is converted to analog and then transmitted using analog cables to
the monitor.

Both Conversion Boxes are currently available to order, and are currently
priced at $399.00. Interested persons may order online at or
through one of Gefen’s international dealers. For a list of dealers,
contact Gefen by email at

About Gefen
Gefen Inc. is a developer of computer interconnectivity solutions for
professional and personal computer users worldwide. Gefen’s exotendoit KVM
(keyboard video mouse) extenders allow computer peripheral extension of up
to 330-feet (100-meters) while switches provide access to multiple
computers from a single workstation. Automatic gain controls,
digital/analog source switches and distribution amplifiers are also
available through Gefen as well as access to related manufacturers’