Omikron Basic Press Release,  16 January 2002

New Release Omikron Basic 7.1

The programming language Omikron Basic for Apple PowerMac is now
available in its finalized version 7.1.
The functions announced in the beta version are now all implemented.
However, there are some additional improvements listed below.

Omikron Basic 7.1 prices start at  $47 for the academic download
version. The professional version costs $143 and is supplied on CD.
Registered owners of Omikron Basic 7 can upgrade free of charge.
Registered owners of Omikron Basic 6 can upgrade at a discount.
Omikron Basic 7.1 requires System 8.1 and 6 MB of available memory and
runs under the Classic environment of Mac OS X  as well. A native
version for Mac OS X is currently being prepared.

The following improvements have been implemented:

Version 7.10 from 14 January 2002:

– The ‘Symbol List’ function announced in the beta version is now
available. Use this function to display in a window all symbols
(variables, procedures, etc.) used in a program. Symbols can be sorted
according to different criteria so that especially longer programs
will be displayed in a clearly arranged layout. The also previously
announced ‘Tokenize New’ function is now available as well.

– The ‘Undo’ function has now two levels. The first level of this
function consists of undoing only changes within the current program
line. If the function is called once more, changes extending across
several program lines can be reversed as well.

– The LIBRARY command – familiar to some from older Omikron Basic
versions for Atari computers – was reintroduced in a modified and
improved form. Use this command to instruct the compiler to
automatically add required libraries. The SORT command was expanded.
You can now indicate a start index from which to start sorting. This
makes it possible to sort only very specific ranges of a field.

– Of course, we also eliminated any and all errors reported by our
beta testers.

More Information about Omikron Basic is available at

A free demo version can be downloaded from

Or download the demo file (3.4 MB) directly by pointing your browser

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