For immediate release:

— Product:
iPod Free File Sync

— Version:

— Platform:
Mac OS 9.0 – 9.2.2
Mac OS 8.x (untested)
iTunes 2.0.3

— Short Description:
Utility to synchronize music from any source to any Mac.

— Long Description:
iPod Free File Sync (iPFFS) is the only utility that allows synchronizing
music from different iPods or any other source to your computer with ease.
It shows you exactly which of the MP3/AIFF/WAV files in the source are not
on your computer. After synchronizing, you can browse through the new files
directly in the application you’re familiar with – iTunes 2.

You may then:

– copy the desired files directly from within iTunes to your computer

– use the auto copy feature which copies the desired tracks based on
artist/album to your computer.

— Links:
Please use always this link – file links will change

— License:
iPod Free File Sync is “pay-what-you-like-ware”. If you like it, you can pay
any amount via KAGI (secure online form).

— New in 2.0
This is the final version after three beta releases. iPod Free File Sync is
born out of iPod Free File Access and has the following changes:
+ Synchronizing of MP3/AIFF/WAV files from any source to your computer.
+ Auto copy feature: copies optionally selected files from the synchronized
“New Music” playlist to the “New Music”-folder on your disk. This is based
on artist/album and folders are created as needed.
Changed from the last beta:
+ If you choosed an iPod disk manually, the music folder where not made
visible, therefore synchronization stopped.

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