At CES today, Moxi Digital unveiled a new set-top box multimedia system that incorporates a variety of digital media functions, ranging from recording and playback of digital video to online capabilities such as instant messaging, e-mail, Web browsing and chat through the television. The boxes can function as a satellite-TV receiver or cable set-top box, a personal video recorder for pausing live TV and recording programming, a DVD/audio CD player and jukebox, an 802.11b Wireless Access Point, an 80GB personal storage server, and, by 2003, an Internet telephone station. Moxi Digital plans to work with cable and satellite companies to design and manufacture the set-top boxes and generate revenue through licensing of its middleware software, which runs on a modified version of Linux. Satellite TV provider EchoStar will be the first to offer the Moxi Digital Center and Moxi Media Extension later this year.