CMS Introduces Industry’s First Line of Automatic Backup Solutions for
Mac Users at MacWorld

Portable ABS Supports Mac OS X and FireWire

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (January 8, 2002) — From booth 3426 at this week’s
MacWorld Expo, CMS Peripherals( will debut the industry’s first complete
line of portable notebook and desktop Automatic Backup Systems( (ABS) for
Macintosh(r) users. Providing hands-free backup and external storage in
capacities ranging from 10GB to 100GB, the Mac ABS offers FireWire
connectivity for up to 408 Mbits/sec. data transfer. Supporting OS 8.6, 9.x
and X, the ABS is designed to be quickly and easily integrated into the
storage routines of Macintosh( iBook(, PowerBook(, iMac( and Power Mac(
users while providing the additional security of a total system backup and
pain-free methods of data recovery.

The ABSplus for iBook and PowerBook users fits conveniently in a shirt
pocket for instant backup, recovery, external file storage or instant file
sharing capability whenever and wherever necessary. Able to withstand
non-operating shock up to 800Gs and operating temperatures ranging from 5(C
to 55(C, CMS’ ABSplus is tough enough to hold up to demanding travel
The desktop solution’s compact size and overall ease-of-use makes the ABS
an ideal solution for performing multi-system backups for SOHOs and

“Mac users are highly creative people, developers of graphics, music,
video, games, etc.,” said Ken Burke, president of CMS Peripherals. ”
Generally, this type of creativity produces large amounts of data and a
huge time and effort investment by the user. The Mac line of ABS solutions
are uniquely capable of not only storing several of these high capacity
files, but generations of these files as well. In addition,” Burke
continued, “because of the high data transfer offered by the ABS, it can
also be used to transfer files from Power Book to Power Mac, or simply to
share the file directly from the ABS without transferring a single thing.”

Backup tasks can be configured for the entire system, or just certain files.
To take advantage of any remaining hard drive space on the ABS, users can
easily create additional file folders to store “occasional use” files and
programs that don’t need to remain on the host computer. Disaster Recovery
of the entire systems takes only moments, using the bootable FireWire ABS.

Single file recovery is easy retrieved using the standard “drag and drop”

Using the ABS is as easy as plugging in the included FireWire cable. For
fast retrieval, both the notebook and desktop FireWire ABS solutions can be
accessed as an additional drive volume by the host computer. The high-speed
data transfer capability of the FireWire interface provides enough
throughput for streaming audio and video files.


The entire line of Mac ABS solutions support flexible data interchange,
backup, archival and migration of data with one of the market’s lowest
total cost of ownership (TCO). The notebook ABS with an interface choice of
Firewire or USB 2.0 is now shipping with a 3-year warranty in capacities of
10GB, 20GB, 30GB, and 40GB with 60GB available the end of February 2002.
Pricing starts at $279.00. The Desktop ABS with an interface choice of
Firewire or USB 2.0 is available now in capacities of 20GB, 40GB 60GB 80GB
and 100GB capacities with a 3-year warranty. Estimated street prices (ESP)
range from $349 for the 20GB solution, to $649 for the 100GB. Both notebook
and desktop solutions are compatible with Mac OS 8.6, 9.x and X. Solutions
are available through major distributors, corporate resellers, mail order
and direct from the company’s website,

USB 2.0 PCI cards are available now with a 1-year warranty. The cards have
an estimated street price of $39.95. Solutions are available through major
distributors, corporate resellers, mail order and direct from the company’s

About CMS Products

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