Friday, January 4th, 2002
Iconfactory Press Release – IconBrowser for OS X Released

The Iconfactory is pleased to announce the immediate release of IconBrowser
for OS X. IconBrowser, free to registered users of IconDropper, allows
users to browse and apply icons from existing IconDropper packs in the new
Macintosh operating system. IconBrowser was created in association with
PolyMorph Software Development.

The Iconfactory distributes its icons in space-saving collections called
IconDropper Packs. These packs make organizing and finding custom icons on
the Mac quick and easy. However, OS X brought huge changes to the Macintosh
and the Finder. Unfortunately, this meant that classic versions of
IconDropper (and its associated packs) no longer worked under OS X.

IconBrowser is designed to solve these problems and preserve the usefulness
of icon packs. IconBrowser is a stand-alone product that works with all
existing IconDropper packs and does not require IconDropper to run (just a
folder of ID packs).

We invite you to visit The Iconfactory today and learn more about what
IconBrowser and IconDropper have to offer.

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