For Immediate Release

Beaverton, OR (December 21, 2001) – Jiiva, Inc., announces Application
Builder Collection is now for sale! Application Builder Collection is the
first professional-grade set of reusable Cocoa frameworks for building
solid Mac OS X applications.

Application Builder Collection (ABC) is a set of user interface widgets,
reusable objects, and development applications designed to reduce the time
required to build feature-rich Cocoa applications. By reducing the time
needed to put together the basic elements of software, ABC allows a
software development company to focus on the features and design that set
its application apart from the competition.

ABC is an extension to the Cocoa development tools and kits provided by
Apple Computer. The Cocoa development environment has a rich set of objects
for writing powerful applications and ABC builds on this solid foundation
by leveraging existing classes, naming conventions, and design patterns.
ABC is designed to take full advantage of Mac OS X, including the smooth
look of the Aqua interface. ABC is easy for the novice or experienced Cocoa
programmer to understand and use.

ABC contains several formatters to control the specific presentation and
input of text, including international currencies and telephone numbers, as
well as using expressions to format text in complex ways. ABC contains
several user interface widgets, such as calendar popups and twiddle views,
which can be used by “dragging and dropping,” all without writing a single
line of code.

“It’s been great,” says Jiiva’s President Mark Ericksen, “We’ve had a sweep
of positive responses since we announced ABC. Developers have been
contacting us, eager to get their hands on the product and so we’re really
proud to have it out and for sale now. We’re looking forward to providing a
solution to every developer’s needs.

Pricing for ABC is $199.99 for single user development license. No
deployment license or royalties are required. Quantity discounts are
available through our online store at

Check the Jiiva website at for more details about
Application Builder Collection.

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