URLomatic is a tool that will help webmasters that have URLs on their
server that needs to be called to perform some kind of maintenance
functionality on the server, like backups or cleanups.

URLomatic 1.1 for Classic and Mac OS X (http://www.code66.se/dl/)

Changes from 1.0
URLomatic now can access URLs which are REALM-protected if you provide a
username and password for that REALM.

As more and more webmasters build complex solutions using advanced CGIs and
server extensions, it sometimes can be very easy to create the maintenance
functionality using the same language/development tools as the solution
itself is built with. Why create complex routines when they can’t be
reused? Some of those solutions do not have any kind of “cron-like” task
manager that can activate tasks on a specific time or when a certain amount
of time have passed.

This is what URLomatic does for you. It can access URLs on your server to
handle those things. You can now write your maintenance scripts using the
same code base that was used to write the solution, and have other scripts
that can be called by URLomatic, when you say so.

URLomatic is shareware, which means, if you use it, then register. The
unregistered version is crippled so it will not work properly in a
production environment, but will work good enough for evaluation purposes.

Totte Alm
Code 66 & 3TAG AB
totte@code66.se or totte@3tag.com