Announcing The ZipBurst CGI 2.6

The ZipBurst CGI is a multi-threaded, multi-user, multi-database, native
MacOS database search engine, with support for relational searches,
conditional tags, variables, custom error messages, and more. Search by
proximity to a location or by any text, numeric or date values in a record.

First, pricing has been lowered significantly on licenses for Canadian
licenses, both US/Canada and Canada alone. (Yes, we’re working on countries
elsewhere in the World in January.)

Version 2.6 adds support for map images as a location selection device
(click on your location on a map, rather than entering a city, state, ZIP
Code, etc.) Several map sizes are included for the US and custom map sizes,
colors, and backgrounds are available on request.

Other than maps, 2.6 improves performance and addresses several minor bug


For a sample, check out:

or a few more at:

David Dantowitz — DC&R