CTM Releases PowerMail 3.1 – First Major Upgrade to
Mail Client is Built for Mac OS X, Offers New Features

Geneva, Switzerland, December 15th, 2001 – CTM today released the latest
version of PowerMail, its leading e-mail client for the Mac. PowerMail 3.1
for Mac OS X offers a range of new features and is available now from

“PowerMail is being embraced by customers as a leading e-mail application
for Mac OS X. Customer’s response to this robust duo is amazing.” said
Marie-Th=E9r=E8se Lamagat, CTM’s vice president. “As we move forward with
innovative products in the secure and wireless markets on various mobile
devices, Mac OS X will remain the premier platform for delivering advanced
ease of use and performance”.

“With the power of UNIX, a broad range of networking capabilities, and an
intuitive Aqua interface, Mac OS X is truly a next generation operating
system that offers incredible opportunities for innovation on the Mac” said
Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.
“PowerMail 3.1 on Mac OS X is a great product that delivers a first-class
user experience, and we appreciate CTM’s continued development of
technologies that support of the Mac platform.”

With over 95 enhancements, support for the IMAP protocol and major
reliability and performance improvements, PowerMail 3.1 is the culmination
of six years of PowerMail releases on the Macintosh. Tight integration with
the latest enhancements to the Aqua user-interface delivers a fast and
reliable e-mail experience. Editing of text in over fifty languages and
high-speed content searches continue PowerMail’s tradition of sustaining
diversity and choice in the Macintosh market.

At $49 US / 54 Euro, the new version is now available from
http://www.ctmdev.com and is a free upgrade for current registered owners
of PowerMail 3.

For additional information, please contact info@ctmdev.com.

PR and accredited press reviewers should contact press@ctmdev.com or (415)
840 0276 for inquiries.

PowerMail Technologies develops and licenses client-side e-mail
applications based on the PowerMail engine, a multi-platform messaging
client foundation specialized on secure and wireless needs.


PowerMail 3.1 is available both as a 30-day evaluation or free update for
currently registered users of PowerMail 3. A single disk image now contains
Mac OS X and Mac OS 9-8 versions both in English and French and is
available from:



Designed as a robust and sustainable alternative to ordinary Macintosh e-
mail applications, PowerMail 3.1 is based on the PowerMail Engine(tm), a
robust foundation for cross-platform e-mail clients encompassing 8 years
of mail and directory experience.

Benefits for users include:
– Ultra-fast searching of e-mail archives using Sherlock(tm) technology
– Migration tools for importing message databases and address books
with groups from Claris Emailer, Eudora, Netscape, Outlook Express
Entourage, AppleShare IP, Unix mailbox, Apple Mail, LDIF and more
– Ability to export and archive and messages and addresses in stan-
dard formats (Eudora, Netscape, Unix Mbox, LDIF, Apple Mail, tab text)
– Multi-language text processing abilities based on Unicode (English,
Japanese, Swedish, French, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic and 55 other)
– Modern, responsive and Mac-like user-interface with Aqua support

PowerMail 3 is available immediately on-line as a 30 day demo version.
– Degressive licensing prices start at US$ 49 / Euro 54
– Upgrades from PowerMail 2.4 are US$ 29 / Euro 32

Try the PowerMail 3 demo : http://www.ctmdev.com/download.shtml
More information on PM 3 : http://www.ctmdev.com/powermail3.shtml
Buy PM 3 (secure) from : https://www.ctmdev.com/sales.shtml
Upgrade from PM 2.4 to 3 : https://www.ctmdev.com/buy_pm3/start