Intego Announces Release of NetBarrier X version 10.0 for Mac OS X

Miami, FL, December 3, 2001 – Intego, the leading developer of Macintosh
Internet security and privacy software, today announced the release of
version 10.0 for Mac OS X of its acclaimed NetBarrier Personal Firewall,
Antivandal, and Internet Filter.

Fully rewritten for Apple’s OS X – the most innovative operating system in
the world – NetBarrier X is the all-in-one solution for complete personal
Internet security. If you have made the move to the future with OS X,
NetBarrier X is the protection you need. If you were waiting to use OS X
because you were worried about protecting your Mac from hackers, vandals
and intruders, worry no more! This full Cocoa application, native to the OS
X environment, has all the essential functions of the OS 9 version of
NetBarrier, and adds several network management functions. NetBarrier X
also sports a new interface, fully respecting Apple’s aqua guidelines, and
making the user experience simpler and more exciting.

“We are proud to be able to offer our users a real, native OS X version of
Intego NetBarrier.” said Jean-Paul Florencio, VP Sales and Marketing,
Intego. “This release will confirm NetBarrier’s position as the leading
personal firewall for Mac, and will ensure that all our users are fully
protected on both Mac platforms.”

Upgrade to Mac OS X today, with the certainty that your Mac will be
protected from hackers, vandals and intruders. There’s no reason to stay in
the past any more – NetBarrier gives you full protection under Mac OS X.
Make the move.

NetBarrier X version 10.0 for Mac OS X is available immediately for $59.95
from Intego’s web site. More info at

Upgrade prices:
From NetBarrier 1.x to NetBarrier X version 10.0: $49.95
From NetBarrier 2.x to NetBarrier X version 10.0: $39.95
Registered customers who purchased NetBarrier version 2.x on or after
September 1, 2001 are eligible to receive a free copy (see special
conditions on our web site).

System requirement: Mac OS X version 10.1.1 or later.

About Intego:
Intego, the i-security software company, publishes Internet security and
privacy software for the Macintosh and the Palm OS, and its products are
currently sold in over 65 countries.

Intego’s software covers all aspects of Internet security and privacy
protection: firewalls, antivirus protection, encryption, privacy
protection, data protection, content filtering and backups.

Intego was founded in May 1999 by a collection of highly-motivated
engineers and high-profile marketing, finance and sales managers to
leverage their extensive knowledge of Internet security and privacy on
multiple platforms for corporate, individual and educational users
worldwide. Intego grew 500% in the year 2000, and continues in 2001 this
exceptional growth through the release of other new, innovative Internet
security and privacy products. The privately-held company has its
headquarters in Miami, Florida, and in Paris, France.

We protect your world