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QuickPopup – The Easiest Communication Software for Office, School or Home

Now any local network can enjoy time-saving popup messaging

December 4, 2001 – Kanex Group Inc. today unveiled a new way to communicate
in the office, more easily, faster, better. QuickPopup allows users to
exchange popup messages over corporate, school and home networks without
connecting to the Internet.

Built for Mac OS X, it provides all the advantages of Apple’s advanced OS.
It’s also available for the classic Mac OS and Windows. Macs with 68k
processors and Mac OS 7.5? No problem. QuickPopup works as easily as on the
latest PowerMac G4. QuickPopup’s versatility will be particularly welcomed
by educational and other institutions with a variety of computers on their

It’s a powerful tool for effective communication because Kanex listened to
and used input from about 500 professionals. They came from creative,
production, trade, healthcare, legal, financial and other professional
services, education, non-profit and government organizations. The results:

* Any incoming message can be “popped up” on screen indicating its
importance. Or select a warning sound and deal with it when it’s more
* Incoming messages can be read without leaving what you are doing
* With a single click, keep in touch with individuals or the whole office
* Use templates and save time typing standard pro forma messages
* Data exchange doesn’t leave your network and stays confidential
* Message delivery is guaranteed
* Save and print incoming messages

QuickPopup works on small, medium or large networks, on PCs and Macs. No
complicated installation, setup or special training is required. It can be
deployed in minutes; its intuitive and simple interface makes it easy to
use, even by beginners. Users can:

* Get information immediately from co-workers, even when they are on the
* Forward phone messages
* Announce arrivals
* Schedule staff meetings
* Replace sticky notes and message pads
* Keep staff informed of new developments
* Leave reminders
* Send greetings and quotes
* Swap URLs

Support of Apple technologies increases QuickPopup’s own functionality:

* Apple Text-to-Speech – QuickPopup works in the background while you
attend to business and listen to all your incoming messages.
* Apple Internet Address Detectors – IAD recognizes addresses for email,
WWW, FTP, etc. Send any Internet address. Recipients only have to click on
it rather than typing a long string.
* AppleScript – QuickPopup provides a wide range of opportunities to expand
its functionality with different scripts. Program developers can integrate
scripts into programs that send popup messages on a network.
* Drag-and-Drop, clipping files and contextual menus enable saving some
extra time.
* Apple Text Encoding – Incoming foreign language messages are accurately
* Apple Help and Balloon Help. What could be easier?

In today’s fast-paced technological world, time is at a premium. QuickPopup
is faster and more efficient than email, more reliable than the telephone
and more discrete than shouting across the room.

Real-life examples of how QuickPopup is used can be seen at

))System requirements((

Mac OS version 7.5 or later or Mac OS X 10.x
OpenTransport 1.1 or later
Local area network with TCP/IP or AppleTalk services enabled

))Availability and Pricing((

Download and install the 30-day trial version of QuickPopup on your
network. It’s free from

Pricing starts at $15 per copy with deep discounts for site licenses and
educational institutions.

All current customers get a new QuickPopup versions at no charge.

))About Kanex Group, Inc.((

Kanex Group Inc. staff has ten years experience of software development for
both the Mac and PC. Kanex products include a network messenger, MP3 Player
and other useful utilities ( Its QuickPopup (previously
known as MacPopUp) provides a cross-platform popup messenger for LANs. The
company prides itself on fulfilling customers’ requests and providing full
user support.

Kanex distributes its products through software retailers and cataloguers
and in electronic form via the Internet.