Release Date: December 4, 2001

I’m pleased to announce the release of InfoManager 2.1. InfoManager 2.1 is
a complete information management system for the Macintosh.

InfoManager greatly expands the power of the Mac Clipboard, can be used to
create and organize notes and other information, simplifies and expedites
file and folder generation and organization, includes extensive tools for
on-the-fly editing of text in virtually any program, includes tools for
both finding the text within text and clippings files and finding text and
clippings files themselves on any mounted volume, and includes tools for
editing and printing the contents of clippings files.

InfoManager, by utilizing an enhanced version of the highly rated WebPrint
Plus engine, also includes powerful universal printing tools that work with
virtually any program. This allows users — on the fly — to collect, save,
and print just the information they need from virtually any program — even
just a single character, word, or sentence. This is especially useful when
users are dealing with the vast amount of information they are confronted
with when using their web browsers and email clients. And this can reduce
the money spent on paper and ink/toner by more than 50% — InfoManager
quickly pays for itself!

The WebPrint Plus engine includes many additional on-the-fly customization
and formatting features, such as adding notes to printed and saved text
selections, adding time-date stamps to printed and saved text selections,
and adding a URL stamp to selections that are printed or saved when using a
web browser. Other benefits of InfoManager’s use of the WebPrint Plus
engine include significantly accelerated printing and elimination of
browser printing problems.

Both InfoManager 2.1 and its WebPrint Plus engine include many more
innovative, powerful, and useful features!


* InfoManager now works with Netscape 6.x (InfoManager has always worked
with earlier versions of Netscape).

* InfoManager now includes enhanced support for AOL 5.0 and the AOL 5.0
web browser.

* Several small enhancements have been added to InfoManager’s code.


A Macintosh computer with System 7.5.3 or later (including Systems 8, 8.1,
8.5, 8.5.1, 8.6, and 9.x) and a 68020 or later processor (including
PowerMacs, iMacs, G3, G4, PowerBooks, and Performas).


A free, fully functional demonstration version of InfoManager 2.1 is
available at (

Additional information on InfoManager and a registered version of
InfoManager 2.1 are also available at ( The
registration fee for InfoManager is $49.95, and InfoManager includes a
30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Registered users of InfoManager 1.x may upgrade to InfoManager 2.1 for only
$17.95. InfoManager 2.1 is a free upgrade for registered users of
InfoManager 2.0.