Master Key 2.0 is now available, featuring a better OS X version, more
options to take advantage of Macintosh Manager networks, better performance
and a few refinements.


Direct download:
Carbon (OS X):

Changes in 2.0
All: New User Options subset of preferences that can optionally
travel with user accounts in multiple-user environments
All: New Remember last login option (for Macintosh Manager/Multiple Users)
All: Better optimized the speed of the keyboard animation
All: Automatic keyboard switching for OS X 10.0.2 and higher and for
all non-AppleSriptable keyboard control panels in earlier Mac OS
All: Corrected some QWERTY drills that had keys outside of key vocabulary
All: Corrected all situations for network operation if network volume
has the same name as any other volume
All: Fixed premature ending of longer drills
All: Cosmetic fixes
OS X: CoreGraphics now used in typing area
OS X: Improved reliabilty of help opening correctly
OS X: Fixed fruit loopy colored buttons and menus in 10.1 and
millions of colors
Reintroduced 68K-only build

Jay Lichtenauer, MacinMind Software