Universal Music Group has announced that it plans to release “More Fast and Furious,” a follow-up soundtrack to the popular movie featuring street racing, in December as one of its first CDs in the U.S. to feature copy protection. While the intent of the technology is to prevent piracy, Universal admits that the CD will be unplayable on some CD players, including those on DVD players, game consoles such as the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and Macintosh computers. Many Web sites, such as Fat Chuck’s, have already sprung up outspokenly criticizing the copy protection schemes and promising to single out those CDs that use the technology and encourage customers to boycott the albums. In other related news, BMG, which shipped Natalie Imbruglia’s new CD in Europe as a copy-protected disc earlier this month, recently announced it will replace all copies of the copy-protected CDs with normal CDs, after an outpouring of complaints from consumers.