OpenBase SQL 7.0.2 released; Powerful new database features now available
on Sun Solaris 8, Linux, Windows, in addition to Mac OS X

New options make upgrading easier and more affordable than ever

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA – NOVEMBER 27, 2001 – OpenBase International
today released the newest version of its fault-tolerant and scalable
high-performance SQL database — OpenBase SQL 7.0.2 — making it easier for
developers on a broad range of platforms to design, build and deploy
next-generation internet and client/server database applications.

Now, in addition to the already-supported Mac OS X 10.1 and Mac OS X Server
10.1 platforms, developers on Sun Solaris 8, Linux, Microsoft Windows
NT/2000 and Mac OS X Server 1.2 (for legacy applications) can take
advantage of powerful new OpenBase SQL database features, such as:
– Java stored procedures
– Built-in credit card payment processing
– Integrated e-mail automation
– Support for ODBC
– Database transactions
– Multi-threaded server

In addition to features such as these, unavailable — or costing much more
— on other databases, OpenBase SQL 7.0.2 comes with the new OpenBase 7.0
interface which offers intuitive management tools for simpler, faster
database design and administration.

And, OpenBase SQL 7.0.2 is compatible with all of today’s most popular
development tools, including: WebObjects 5.0, EOF, ODBC, JDBC 2.0, 4D
Plugin, REALbasic Plugin, C-API libraries, Cocoa Interface, Carbon
Interface, PHP 4, JSP and others.

New product family and upgrade options — more for less

A new family of OpenBase SQL solutions makes it easy for new customers to
choose just the right database for their application. And new upgrade
options, available at, make it easier and
more affordable than ever for existing customers to take advantage of the
latest OpenBase SQL database features.

For as little as $299, customers can upgrade to the OpenBase Performer(tm)
license, with Mac OS X 10.1 support, ODBC support, enhanced query
optimization, realtime database load monitoring and cut & paste to
Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Or, for just a few hundred dollars more, customers can move to a whole new
level of database solution, ready to handle even the most demanding
e-business applications. By upgrading to an OpenBase PowerCenter license,
customers get built-in support for Java stored procedures, stored procedure
scheduling, document indexing for ultra-fast text searching, database
replication/offline synchronization and more.

For more information on the OpenBase SQL database or licensing options,
please visit OpenBase at, or send e-mail to

About OpenBase

OpenBase SQL has been the relational database of choice for developers
delivering innovative, industrial-strength applications since 1991.
OpenBase SQL database solutions deliver the scalable performance and
uninterruptable data integrity and data availability e-business demands —
at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions. OpenBase SQL comes with
all the tools and interfaces developers need to deliver the next generation
of internet and client/server applications quickly and cost-effectively.