Rage Software Releases CSM Maker 1.5

CSM Maker allows users, even users with no programming experience, to
create Control Strip Modules to launch any application. Just drop an
application onto CSM Maker’s icon and a Control Strip Module will be
created instantly that can be placed in your Control Strip.

Whats New

CSM Maker 1.5 is a complete rewrite and offers many enhancements and
improvements over previous versions. CSM Maker 1.5 now has no interface,
rather it allows you to just drop an application onto its icon and a
Control Strip Module is created. Other improvements include removing the
white border around the icon on created modules and a rare bug which could
cause CSM Maker to sometimes crash when creating modules.

System Requirements

– PowerPC or 68K Macintosh Computer
– Mac OS 8.5 – 9.2 (Recommended)
– 2MB of Available RAM
– 2MB of Available Disk Space

Pricing And Availability

CSM Maker can be downloaded from the Rage Software web site at;

CSM Maker is a free application and can be used for personal use at no
charge. However if you plan on releasing a CSM made with CSM Maker publicly
you may be subjected to licensing fees. Purchasing a license to CSM Maker
can be done through the Rage Software Online Store at:

More Information

More information for CSM Maker can be found at:

CSM Maker faq’s can be found at:

About Rage Software

Established in 1999, Rage Software has been making quality Mac Software to
help make your Mac experience easier. Rage Software aims to provide all Mac
users with easy to use, professional software at an affordable price.

Rage Software is the author of many popular Mac shareware and freeware
which include WebDesign, Macintosh Explorer, Invisible Finder and CSM
Maker. Rage Software’s products have won favorable reviews in major
industry publications including MacWorld, Mac People, Apple Developer
Connection News, MACUP, Mac Addict and


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