Watsonville, CA – October 31, 2001 – Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned
subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: ALHI) today announced
the release of StuffIt InstallerMaker(tm), version 7.1. The newest version
of InstallerMaker allows software developers to create an installer for
both Mac OS X.1 AND the Classic environment from an archive.

InstallerMaker, the complete installation and data distribution standard,
provides the best solution for developers to create complex, professional
installers; demoware and more; in less time than competing products.
Aladdin Systems’ products are the industry standard in compression and
archiving utilities on the Mac OS. StuffIt InstallerMaker is the benchmark
installation product used by developers and network administrators on the
Macintosh throughout the world.

“InstallerMaker 7.1 brings next-generation installers to the forefront by
allowing developers to create fast and technically-savvy installations of
their software, taking advantage of the latest in Mac OS technology with
minimal effort,” said Pauline Shumake, product manager.

New to version 7.1
* Mac OS X Hybrid Installers- Create one installer for both Mac OS X
and classic applications.

* More error control – Ability to ignore errors returned by a delete task.

* New Universal ILoc and Guide for writing own InstallerMaker
locations – documentation included tells which resource IDs
InstallerMaker already uses so users can pick a unique ID for the new

* Destination path helper application – two new applications,
“Destination Path.Classic” and “Destination Path.Carbon” are used to
get the result path returned when a particular destination and domain
are selected. Just choose a destination and a domain from the menu
bar and the path to the location will be displayed.

* Start up picture from a file – Easily add a start up picture from a
file with scripting.

* Enhanced permissions for directories – InstallerMaker now sets
group write permission for directories that are created. Helpful for
users with multiple administrator accounts.

Aladdin Shareware Program-Member benefits include:
* Free one-year StuffIt InstallerMaker license for proven shareware
and freeware products
* Free technical support from Aladdin Systems
* Opportunity for worldwide distribution on Aladdin’s commercial product CDs
To learn more and become a member go to

Availability and Requirements
Software developers may download a free trial of InstallerMaker from the
Aladdin Web site: ( ). For pricing
and licenses of InstallerMaker, contact Aladdin developer sales at or (831) 761-6200 x618. Version 7.1 is a free
update to current registered licensees.

InstallerMaker 7.1 requires a Macintosh with a PowerPC processor, running
System 7.1.1 or newer (including Mac OS X.1), with at least 12 MB hard
drive space and 8 MB available RAM. Technical support is free for licensed

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