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October 30, 2001 — Imacination Software, publishers of acclaimed Ch-Ching!
Instant E-commerce software, have announced the availability of consulting
and development services to small businesses trying to create an online

Responding to the need of many small businesses for a reliable, established
resource to develop their concepts into a successful online store,
Imacination Software has expanded it’s business scope to include
Professional Development Services as a core product.

Full Service Resource

Completing Imacination’s suite of resources for merchants including
product, development and hosting, Imacination’s Professional Development
Services have been named “Ready…Set…Profit!”. Merchants need nothing
more than a concept, Imacination provides the rest, truly “full-service.”
Typically, this level of support has been provided for by companies such as
IBM and reserved for Fortune 1000 businesses with project budgets exceeding

Imacination has been very successful with this model in the past with
customers in a broad range of industries including education, healthcare,
retail, and business to business.

Customers benefit from Imacination’s extensive expertise in E-commerce and
web applications, and successful product delivery record. Utilizing
Imacination Software’s Professional Development Services gives merchants
the necessary competitive edge and ensures the quickest, most cost
effective route to success.

“If ever there was a ‘Just Add Water’ approach to building a store online,
this would be it,” exclaims Andy Parng, founder of
“Expertise and on-time delivery is what is necessary to help solidify
success in your online initiative, and Imacination delivers.”

Market Opportunity

“This is the perfect time for businesses to launch their online store,”
says Imacination Software president, Allon Bendavid. “The fallout of many
venture backed online stores has reduced the pressure on small business to
be able to compete for sales and still sell their product with a profitable
margin. The holiday season is coming upon us and their are fewer places for
customers to shop online, small businesses should seize this opportunity.”

Best of E-Commerce Class

As a primary component of its Small Business website, Apple highlights
leading Macintosh and Windows E-commerce solutions in a “good,” “better,”
“best” comparison where Ch-Ching!, the backbone of Imacination Software’s
online store development is showcased as “best” for its superior security,
agility and flexibility. Additional information about the “best” Macintosh
E-commerce solution may be found at

Pricing, Availability, and Requirements

Imacination Software has committed to bringing merchants stores online in
time for the holidays if they act now. Pricing for development services
will be determined based on the merchants needs. Imacination Software will
provide hosting services as necessary to augment the merchant’s current web

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About Imacination

Ventura, California based Imacination Software is a privately held company
focusing on the development of commercial E-commerce and Web application
software. Imacination Software can be reached by calling 800/244-5332, by
email to or on the Worldwide Web at