Carlsbad, CA =96 October 29, 2001: Mac users in need of large amounts of dat=
storage can breathe a sigh of relief today, as RAIDking(TM) Technologies
announced the opening of a brand new division dedicated specifically to
RAID storage solutions for the Mac platform. The division, aptly named
MacRAID(TM) , offers ultra reliable, low cost RAID storage solutions to Mac
users with an appetite for large amounts of storage space.

According to the company=92s General Manager, Troy Lassoe, =93MacRAID(TM)
storage solutions can be configured in minutes and are completely
transparent to the host.=94 Now Mac users can finally own a RAID storage
solution fully compatible with any Mac O/S.

MacRAID(TM) storage solutions satisfy most any need from the smallest
home-based, single-user workstation to the largest corporate network.
MacRAID(TM) offers several different models in both tower and 19=94 rack
mount versions, with capacities from 60 GB all the way up to 800 GB. For
even larger storage capacities, these units can also be daisy chained
creating multiple terabytes of storage space. Most MacRAID(TM) solutions
can be configured for RAID level 0, 1, 0+1, 3 or 5 by the user, and all
systems come with a 2-year manufacturer=92s warranty.

With a built-in Intel i960=AE RN 64-bit processor and an Ultra 160 SCSI host
interface these units are able to achieve blazingly fast data transfer
rates. MacRAID(TM) offers 800 GB units for less than $10,000, which is what
has made RAIDking(TM) Technologies=92 RAID storage solutions so popular amon=
corporations, universities, and government agencies alike.

For further details about MacRAID(TM)=92s storage solutions, please visit or call, toll free, 1-866-Mac-RAID/1-866-622-7243 (outside
the US or Canada call 760-929-9373)

RAIDking(TM) Technologies is a leading provider of ultra reliable, low
cost RAID storage solutions for the US Government, major corporations,
hospitals and universities worldwide. RAIDking(TM) Technologies has
offices in the US and the UK.