eVe 3 Professional delivers visual search for video as well as images

eVision has released a evaluation version of the new eVe 3 Professional
Visual Search toolkit for Mac OS X Java developers. Key to this release is
support for visual search of digital video. eVe lets you locate rich media
content using visual similarity rather than just names, keywords or
metadata. This simplifies the search process and enables companies to
manage and use visual assets more intuitively and effectively.

Visual search is becoming an important tool for asset management,
e-commerce and vertical markets. The volume of digital photographs and
digital video is growing at an unprecedented rate and search technologies
that rely only on keywords and text descriptions are limited in their
effectiveness. If an image or video contains a symbol, object, face or
color that isn’t referenced by a keyword, you will never find it without
manually reviewing every piece of content.

eVe is a professional-quality, scalable visual search solution. It
analyzes, indexes and retrieves images and video content according to their
perceptual features and context. Visual Search lets you ask the computer,
“Have you seen anything that resembles this?” regardless of the type of
information they you seeking — whether it’s photographs, illustrations, a
video clip, a face, or many other types of visual digital data. Visual
search works alone or in conjunction with text-based searches to make
finding content intuitive and accurate. With eVe visual search, everyone
can be an advanced user.

The new 3 Professional version of eVe, adds several new features including
support for searching video (as well as still images and graphics). A user
selects a sample query image with content similar to what they are looking
for, and then eVe automatically searches through digital video keyframes to
find videos that contain content visually similar to the query image. This
is cost-effective way to turn video assets into useful, profitable
resources for corporate communications, as well as broadcast, entertainment
companies and personal use.

The robust 100% Java eVe API can successfully be adapted to both
professional and consumer markets on a commercial or enterprise scale.
Consumer implementations are now available as an i-Piece for Telescope
enterprise Digital Asset Management software and as an integrated component
of Cumulus 5 enterprise edition. The eVe API is available for any platform
that supports Java, including Mac OS X.

More information at http://www.evisionglobal.com