Automated Solutions Group announces the release of PalmStation/PalmServer

Palm Synchronization Plug-In for 4th Dimension

4D Summit Conference, Orlando, FL – October 23, 2001: Automated Solutions
Group today announced the release of PalmStation/PalmServer, a 4th
Dimension plug-in and palm conduit package that provides bi-directional
synchronization between 4D and PalmOS based handheld devices.

About PalmStation and PalmServer
PalmStation is designed to allow single user applications the ability to
synchronize with PalmOS based devices (such as Palm Pilot and Visors),
utilizing special conduits to communicate with the following PalmOS

– Address Book
– Datebook
– ToDo List
– Memos

PalmServer provides the ability to synchronize from any desktop, providing
directly communication to applications running on 4D Server. When using
PalmServer, you are not required to be connected to the database (via 4D
Client) as all synchronization tasks are performed via a 4D Open connection.

PalmStation/PalmServer utilize a group of 4th Dimension tables to provide
bi-directional synchronization with have been designed to provide an
easy-to-use interface with the built-in PalmOS applications.

Pricing and Availability Information
PalmStation/PalmServer must be purchased for each application that uses the
PalmStation plug-in. The license is per deployed application per platform.
There are three different configurations to choose from:

– PalmStation (single user applications, per server)
– PalmServer (4D Server based applications)

PalmStation (per application)………………………………..$79.00
PalmServer (5-user per server)………………………………$349.00*
PalmServer (10-user per server)……………………………..$549.00*

* Server licenses are sold per 5 or 10 users. No individual license

A fully functional demonstration version of PalmStation and PalmServer can
be downloaded from our website. The demonstration operates for 30 days, and
will allow up to 10 records per application (50 for address) to be

OEM Developers
If you have developed an OEM application based on 4th Dimension, please
contact us for special OEM pricing options for PalmStation and/or

About Automated Solutions Group
Based in Huntington Beach, California, Automated Solutions Group provides
software development and consulting services. Founded in 1989, Automated
Solutions Group develops and supports a wide variety of software
development tools to aid in the creation of custom applications for the
Macintosh and Windows platform.

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PalmStation and PalmServer written by Penbase SA and distributed in United
States and Canada by Automated Solutions Group.