New Company Offers Newer Technology Macintosh Products Online
TechnoWarehouse founded by two former Newer Technology managers

WICHITA, Kan -10/17/01-Macintosh customers now have a new outlet for upgrade
products – TechnoWarehouse of Wichita, Kansas. Two former Newer Technology
managers founded the company to sell Newer Technology products, providing
sales and customer support through its online store.

TechnoWarehouse provides Newer Technology upgrade products including:
MAXpowr G4 & G3 processor upgrades; NUpowr G3 processor upgrades for
PowerBooks; USB peripherals including hubs and floppy drives; FireWire 2 Go
(PC Card FireWire for PowerBooks) as well as docking stations for
PowerBooks. TechnoWarehouse also has all the latest product drivers and
other support software offered by Newer Technology. All products are
factory certified and tested and all come with a “No DOA” guarantee as well
as a 30-day warranty.

Customer support is available via the website as well as through email at or by phone at 316-655-2903. Secure online
ordering is offered on the website and all orders are shipped within 24
hours (M-F). Extensive product information is online for easy browsing.

TechnoWarehouse customers have offered enthusiastic praise: “One of the
best people I have ever dealt with over anything. Terry Unrein take a bow.
Email responses are quick, courteous and informative, goods are shipped
immediately. Follow up on delivery is nonpareil. This is how business on
the net should be conducted. I am a very happy buyer!” Another customer
stated, “Quick response, fast shipping, packaged extraordinarily well. Very
impressed.” Yet another customer said, “Fantastic service!! Went above and
beyond, to make sure I was satisfied, and that my shipping needs were
met… Thank you!!”

An example of the pricing customers will find at the web store include:
MAXpowr G4 450MHz ZIF for $249
MAXpowr G4 350MHz PCI card for $179
MAXpowr G3 500MHz PCI card for $249

Terry Unrein, former Newer Technology product manager and Jack Putnam, forme=
Engineering Manager co-founded TechnoWarehouse. They purchased a stock of
products at the auction that finally closed Newer Technology. “Since we
both had extensive first- hand knowledge of this product, it seemed like a
natural that we offer these products to Macintosh customers,” Unrein
stated. “We only sell products we can fully support=8A we’re not just anothe=
outlet for hardware, we worked to develop these specific products and
that’s something you can’t get anywhere else,” Putnam added. “Our long term
plan is to add a selection of products that makes sense for our Power Mac
and PowerBook customers. We have pinpointed specific new products and many
of our customers have offered additional product ideas. We have recently
added some of the MCE PowerBook storage devices as well as the MPDD+ video
card from Village Tronic. We
are working hard to meet our customer’s needs,” Unrein continued.

For more information contact, TechnoWarehouse, LLC, 3729 Dora, Wichita, Ka=
67213, phone 316-655-2903, or online at