Rochester, NY ? October 17th, 2001 ? PineHill Products releases
CreativePage 2.9, a free upgrade to previous users that adds new features
and fixes issues with previous versions.

About CreativePage
CreativePage 2.9 is a professional web site design suite for the Macintosh,
fitting anybody’s need to create a professional, high end web site using
HTML. If you do not know HTML, do not worry, since CreativePage handles
HTML easily enough for anybody to read and understand, while professional
enough to fit the high business demands of today.

With CreativePage, you can be creating a professional web site in minutes
with all of the built in assistants, formatting tools, and other features.
Even with the high demands of today, CreativePage is definitely the tool of
choice for anyone dealing with HTML or web site authoring. Plus, at only
$25, no one can live without it!

Key Features of CreativePage 2.9
– New formatting tool which saves time, and is easy to use
– Choose the browser you wish to preview your page in preferences
– Saves all window locations including the editor window
– Numerous bug fixes including HTML syntax color fix and more
– Much, much more!

Requirements and Pricing
CreativePage requires Mac OS 8.6 or later, including Mac OS X to run.

CreativePage is only $25.95, and a demo can be downloaded from the PineHill
Products web site ( Once ready to
purchase, you can use the PineHill Products company online store
( and place your order online.

You may also purchase a CreativePage CD for only $7.95 extra (plus
shipping) while
ordering. More information can be found while ordering at:

About PineHill Products
PineHill Products develops and publishes quality and professional
applications and utilities for the Macintosh computer.

For more information on PineHill Products, including CreativePage,
SiteToolkit, and FinalWord you can visit our website: or e-mail us at: