Victoria, British Columbia (Canada) — October 15, 2001 — Late Night
Software Ltd. today announced the release of Script Debugger 3.0.1, just
weeks on the heels of the release of Script Debugger 3.0 on September 25th,
2001. Script Debugger 3.0.1 is a free update that addresses minor issues
that came to light following the release of Script Debugger 3.0, which is
Mac OS X native and the successor to version 2.0, winner of the 2000
Macworld Eddy for Best Development Software.

“Our aim has always been to provide script writers with the best tools
possible to maximize their productivity while minimizing time and effort by
automating workflow,” said Mark Alldritt, president of Late Night Software
Ltd. “Script Debugger 3.0.1 effectively fulfills these objectives.”

Script Debugger 3.0.1 is a free update and available at:

While there was a high priority in making Script Debugger 3.0 Mac OS X
native, the program contains a number of new and significant features that
take script writing to a whole new level. “The stability and improved
memory management offered in Mac OS X presented opportunities that we
happily capitalized on in Script Debugger 3.0,” Alldritt said. “In addition
to it being a Mac OS X native application, Script Debugger 3.0 has a list
of must-have features that make script writers more productive than ever
before, including a more powerful and expanded AppleScript debugger,” he

Among the extensive list of new features, Script Debugger 3.0 offers:

oAqua appearance
In keeping with the new look of the Mac OS X, Script Debugger fully
supports the Aqua appearance, including honoring Aqua’s redesigned menu
layout, controls and backgrounds. It also supports live window resizing,
live feedback and sheets.

oTrace Command
It is now possible to trace (continuous stepping) through a script.

oExpressions Window
The Expressions window lets you enter expressions that are evaluated
against the currently running script. Expressions are re-evaluated each
time the script pauses or when execution stops.

oConsole palette
The Console palette allows you to execute script fragments against the
current script. It’s a perfect tool for invoking handlers, modifying open
scripts, or experimenting with other applications.

oScript Manifest

Script Debugger can now show the Scripting Additions and Applications used
by a script. In addition, it can help locate missing Scripting Additions
using the online Scripting Additions database at

The entire list of capabilities is available at:

“Many of the new features that appear in Script Debugger 3.0 were culled
from wish lists submitted by users of version 2.0, ” Alldritt said.
“Input from our users has been instrumental in our releasing what we feel
is the most powerful and easy to use scripting tool available.”

While Script Debugger 3.0 is Mac OS X native, it continues to support Mac
OS 8 and 9 systems.

Where to Download
A demo version of Script Debugger 3.0 is available for download from Late
Night Software’s Web site:

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements
Script Debugger 3.0 (via electronic delivery) retails for US$189, and for
US$199 (plus delivery) on CD-ROM. Online purchase is available at or by calling toll-free in the US and Canada at
888.999.3210. Script Debugger 3.0 on CD-ROM is also available from
Developer Depot at toll-free 877.337.6866 in the US and Canada, and at
805.494.9797 outside the US and Canada.

Registered users of Script Debugger 2.0 can order the upgrade (via
electronic delivery) online for US$79 and for US$89 on CD-ROM at or by calling toll-free in the US or Canada at

Script Debugger 1.0 users can upgrade to 3.0 (via electronic delivery)
online for US$129 at

Late Night Software offers a competitive upgrade for Scripter users of
US$149 for electronic delivery and US$159 on CD-ROM, available by calling
888.999.3210 in the US and Canada.

Minimum software requirements:
o Mac OS 8.1 or later (Mac OS 8.6 or later recommended)
o Mac OS X 10.0.4 or later

Minimum hardware requirements:
o Any Power Macintosh (G3 or G4 Processor recommended)
o 10MB (free application) RAM. Under Mac OS X, at least 64MB (total) is
required, 128MB is recommended.
o 15MB hard disk space
o CD-ROM drive

About Late Night Software Ltd.
Late Night Software Ltd., established in 1995, is a privately held company
situated in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, that specializes in the
development of exceptional Macintosh scripting tools.