We’ve just released The ZipBurst CGI 2.5, which adds three new conditional
tests to show records in your data base that can’t be physically located
(catch typos in City, State, or ZIP Code, even the ability to determine
that the ZIP Code is correct, but no where near the City and State).

We’re also announcing a new “Trial Size” 2-month license for The ZipBurst
CGI Pro with US locations. If you like the software, you can upgrade to the
full 12 month US data license for $125, 25% off full price.

If you haven’t seen the software, check out our demos:


The new “Trial Size” gives you the most affordable way to test out the best
location-based software available for any platform. And, as an added
benefit, you also get all the features of The ZipBurst CGI Lite and they
DON’T expire after 2-months!

Remember, you can integrate the CGI with FileMaker Pro, Lasso, MGI,
WebCatalog, WebSiphon, and many more using the ZB-Indirect tag, which lets
you include tags from other CGIs or plug-ins. This morning saw the latest
(very cool) application a customer has created that integrates WebCatalog
with our CGI to find the nearest store with an item in stock (The ZipBurst
CGI lets you combine relational lookups with location-based lookups!)

Others are using the CGI to return XML, Excel files, or other data.

So go ahead, get the “Trial Size” of the Pro version and keep using all the
features of the Lite CGI — only the location-based search abilities expire
if you don’t upgrade your “Trial Size” license.

Best regards and happy database searching,

David Dantowitz — DC&R