Tri-BACKUP is an easy and powerful backup utility for Mac OS X.

This new version offers two different modes: “Immediate Actions” (to
compare two different folders, or to do easy and immediate backup,
synchronisations and restorations) and “Programmed actions” (to
schedule repetitive backup and synchronisations).

Tri-BACKUP 3 feature a new backup mode: the “Evolutive Mirror Backup”
saves the entire content of a disk with its changes. It saves the
structure of each folder (what was modified, added and removed) as
well as the recent versions of each modified document. Thanks to this
function, you can revert any document (or a whole disk) to a previous

Tri-BACKUP 3 can also protect your files by password protected encryption.

Tri-BACKUP 3.01 is free for Tri-BACKUP 3 users.

New features in version 3.01:
– Evolutive Mirror Backup to save a whole disk (or a folder) and keep
the history of the modifications in order to be able to revert a
previous state.
– Immediate Actions display the differences between two folders and
allow you to select which files to backup.
– “Compare Folders” function.
– Automatic compression mode.
– Password protected compression.
– Exceptions can be specific for each configuration.
– Compatibility with Tri-BACKUP 2 (it keeps your settings and your backups).
– Runs natively on Mac OS X (Carbon version), Mac OS 9 and Mac OS 8.6

Price : $49 ($29 for the upgrade)

Available: now

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