Press Release

For Immediate Release
October 1, 2001

MCE Ships Expansion Bay DVD/CDRW Combo Drive and DVD Decoder Card for Apple
PowerBook G3 Series – 1998

Irvine, CA – MCE Technologies, LLC (MCE PowerBook Products, Apple
Developer) today added a DVD/CDRW combo drive for the Apple PowerBook G3
Series – 1998 (Wall Street) to their Xcar=E9t Pro line of expansion bay
devices. In addition, MCE Technologies has announced a separately available
DVD Decoder CardBus Card, required in order to decode and playback DVD
movies, for those customers who may not already own one. The “Xcar=E9t Pro
DVD/CDRW Combo Drive” and the “DVD Decoder CardBus Card” is designed for
the Apple PowerBook G3 Series – 1998 (Wall Street) which includes the
300MHz, 292MHz, 266MHz, 250MHz, and 233MHz models. The “DVD Decoder CardBus
Card” is also designed for use with Apple PowerBook G3 Series – 1999
(Bronze/Lombard) 333MHz machines that do not have built-in DVD decoder
hardware. The Xcar=E9t Pro DVD/CDRW Combo Drive writes to CD-R media at 4x,
to CD-RW media at 4x, reads DVD’s at 6x, and reads CD-ROMs at 24x. Both
items are Limited Editions and are available now in limited quantities for
a limited time only.

“Since the release of our Xcar=E9t Pro 2000 Expansion Bay DVD/CDRW Combo
Drive for the Lombard and Pismo PowerBooks a short time ago we’ve received
numerous requests from Wall Street owners for the same product but for
their machines,” said Arnold Ramirez, President of MCE Technologies. “We
are happy for the opportunity now to fulfill those requests as well as to
support a machine with such a large and devoted following.”

The MCE Xcar=E9t Pro Expansion Bay DVD/CDRW Combo Drive is designed to fit
into the right-side expansion bay slot of the PowerBook G3 Series – 1998.
It gives users the ability to write data to recordable and re-writeable
CD’s anywhere they can use their PowerBook. In addition, the device will
read pre-recorded CD-ROMs at 24X speeds. The device will ship with Roxio
Toast CD-recording software. As with all PowerBook expansion bay devices,
the MCE Xcar=E9t Pro Expansion Bay DVD/CDRW Combo Drive is truly portable in
that it requires no external power since all power is supplied by the

The MCE DVD Decoder CardBus Card is an MPEG-2 decoder card designed for the
lower PC Card slot of the PowerBook G3 Series – 1998 as well as the PC Card
slot of 333MHz PowerBook G3 Series – 1999 machines which do not have MPEG-2
decoding hardware built in. The DVD Decoder CardBus Card decodes MPEG-2
video data found on commercial DVD’s and transmits the decoded video data
to the PowerBook’s LCD display at 30fps full screen, full motion.

The MCE Xcar=E9t Pro Expansion Bay DVD/CDRW Combo Drive retails for $449.
This price includes the drive, Roxio Toast CD-recording software, owner’s
manual, one CD-R and one CD-RW media, and the MCE Xbay expansion bay device
protective carrying case. Drives are compatible with Mac OS 8.6 through Mac
OS X as well as Apple’s iTunes and Disc Burner software. The DVD Decoder
CardBus Card retails for $99.

Interested dealers and distributors should contact Dealer and Distributor
Sales at MCE.

MCE Technologies, LLC designs and markets a wide range of Apple
PowerBook-related products and solutions to distributors, dealers, and
end-users domestically and internationally. For additional information
please contact MCE Technologies, LLC, 30 Hughes, Suite 203, Irvine, CA,
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