PowerFiles Announces 16 New 3in1 FileMaker Pro Templates

BOSTON, Mass., September 25, 2001 – PowerFiles announced today the release
of 16 3in1 FileMaker Pro Templates, a new and cost effective way for
Macintosh users to use and learn FileMaker Pro, with support for a range of
industries, individuals and professions including publishing, book
collectors, print buyers and project managers.

“Today people are seeking out tools that allow them to be more productive
at a time when schedules are tightening and resources are often more
limited,” says Allison Glass, Managing Partner at PowerFiles. “3in1
FileMaker Pro Templates offer people the opportunity to take advantage of
12 years of full-time and professional FileMaker Pro experience, reducing
their own developing time from hours to minutes, and in some cases to no
time at all.”

Each template is designed to offer 3 uses in 1 template including: 1) as a
template or model for building your own FileMaker Pro database, 2) as a
learning tool for discovering how to implement certain techniques in your
own development and 3) as a fully working solution, no additional
development required.

Titles in the current release of 16 3in1 Templates include Rolling 4
Calendar, Employee Vacation Tracker, Purchase Orders, Estimator, Print
Purchasing Agent and Project Time Manager. Coming soon are titles including
Publishing Art Manager, Magazine Image Makeup Manager, Attendance Keeper,
Event Registration Manager and Executive Search Manager.

Pricing and Availability

3in1 FileMaker Pro Templates are available immediately with single-user
licenses offered at introductory prices starting at US$25.

About PowerFiles

PowerFiles has longtime expertise in providing specialized FileMaker Pro
database templates and solutions for clients such as ABC News, Forbes
Magazine, Rolex Watch, New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard University,
and many others. With offices in New York City and Boston, PowerFiles
offers more than twelve years of full-time and professional experience in
design and development of FileMaker Pro templates and specialized
solutions. (