QuickCode Pro updated to version 4.34

New York, NY – Monday, September 24th, 2001: Aparajita Fishman today
announced the release of version QuickCode Pro 4.34.

QuickCode Pro is a 4th Dimension plugin which significantly enhances the 4D
method editor and dramatically increases programmer productivity.

This release primarily addresses bugs reported by users.

An Indispensable Tool
QuickCode Pro users are unanimous of their praise for the real-life
benefits of version 4.

“If you are developing on Mac, you owe it to yourself (and your customers)
to try QuickCode Pro 4.0,” said David Adams, renowned 4D authority and book

“I would say QCP can save me 50% of my time when coding.” says Mark
Mitchenall, author of Expat4D. “It’s not just the typing help. It’s the
massive overall improvement in user experience and functionality within the
method editor which really makes QCP excellent. I would go so far as to say
that QCP paid for itself the very first day that I started using it.”

Version 3.x users who upgrade will benefit from a slew of new features and
the rock-solid stability. “My silent grumbles about paying $200 for an
upgrade were totally silenced by the cool stuff you have added since
version 3.5,” remarked Robert K. Colwell. “Thank you!! It is clearly worth

Features of QuickCode Pro 4
QuickCode Pro 4 includes dozens of features designed to reduce keystrokes
and clicks and give instant access to important database information,

– Standard 4D plugin, no need to install directly in every copy of 4D
– A quick-access toolbar at the top of each editor window with 15
standard tools
– Fast access to table/field names and form references
– Real system-level drag and drop
– An industrial-strength Find and Replace with regular expression support
– Programmable macros with auto-insertion into newly created methods
– Auto-wrapping of 4D comments at the 80-character limit as you type
– Instant access to 4D help

Pricing and Availability
QuickCode Pro 4.34 is $270 per developer. Through September 30th, upgrades
from 3.x are $199 and upgrades from 4.x are free. After September 30th,
there will be no upgrade discount from version 3.x and upgrades from 4.x
will be $19.95.

A full working demo of QuickCode Pro can be downloaded from Aparajita’s web
site at:

The demo times out after 45 minutes of use, after which QuickCode Pro
becomes inactive until the next launch of 4D.

QuickCode Pro currently runs only on Macintosh. A Windows version is under

About Aparajita Fishman
Based in New York City, Aparajita Fishman provides software development and
consulting services, in addition to running The Oneness-Fountain-Heart, a
gourmet vegetarian restaurant voted best in Queens.

Aparajita has been writing world-class tools for 4D developers since 1979,
when he released Easy4D, one of the first development shells for 4D. In
addition to QuickCode Pro, Aparajita also authored and sells Active4D (a
web scripting engine) and ObjectTools (a plugin which provides vastly
improved BLOB-type data storage).

For more information, please visit Aparajita’s web site at