While Adobe’s Illustrator 10 and InDesign 2 announcements take the spotlight at Seybold (see below), the company has made a number of other announcements this morning. Among these is Adobe Studio, a part of Adobe’s Network Publishing vision that offers designers tools and services “to inspire the creative process, improve productivity and find new business opportunities.” Adobe Studio is comprised of DesignTeam, a subscription-based collaboration service (US$39.95 per month, per user), and a free community area offering design-related content. Apple is among a number of companies that has announced support for the initiative. Adobe also announced AlterCast, a new solution that can streamline the process of removing and replacing images and text on a Web site. The server-side application supports Intel’s Pentium III (Windows 2000 or NT Server) and Sun’s UltraSPARC and will be priced on a per-CPU basis when it ships in early 2002, starting at US$7,500. Finally, a number of third-party developers have announced support for InDesign 2 with a series of plug-ins that expand on the software’s functionality.