After very long wait then CustomGrid is finally out !

For those who don’t know what CustomGrid is then its a Spreadsheet control
for REALbasic which allows the programmer to custom draw in the cells.
CustomGrid is based on the same technology as the other 2 sister controls,
Grid and StyleGrid.

New in CustomGrid 2.0:

* The CustomGrid has now adopted the Einhugur Floating Engine from
Grid/StyleGrid 2.0. Like in the other Grid plugins then the
Floating Engine is:
– Object oriented.
– Garbage collected internally.
– Multiple Grids can share the same data container and
act as multiple views on the same data.
– Rows can be shared across multiple Grids or within the same Grid.
– Cells which have not been written to are virtual and
do not actually exist until they are needed.
– The floating engine is bounds checked to mimimise risk of crashes.
* Now uses REALEntry API to make the Grid extendable for other plugin
authors. Same API calls are available as to the Grid and StyleGrid.
* The Grid has now adopted the Einhugur Grid Rendering Engine 4.0 from
StyleGrid 2.5, which gives much faster cell rendering than previous
* Carbon Target is now supported.
* Added support for smart scrolling under PPC (System 8.5 and later).
* More than 32k of Rows now supported under Carbon, PPC
(System 8.5 and later)

* Removed all dependencies to the depreciated REALGetControlHWND
(depreciated in the new REALbasic plugin SDK)
* Fixed a DoubleClick bug when SelectEntireRow was true.
* Added SelectedColEnd property.

CustomGrid Contest:
We are having a contest about the best CustomGrid rendering model, for the
winner we will donate a free Einhugur subscription serial number that will
never need to be renewed.

Rules of the contest:

* Anyone who submits code to the contest must agree that if his solution
wins then its to be open source and freely distributed by anyone and
that anyone can improve the code and redistribute it as open source.
* Both Einhugur members and non Einhugur members can enter. (Demo versions
of Einhugur plugins will work fine to develop a CustomGrid rendering
* Last day to submit code to the contest is 1 st of November.
* If all together fewer than 5 entries are submitted to the contest then we
reserve the right to choose none of the solutions.

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