The Register notes that Apple has quietly introduced its first QuickSilver Power Mac G4 Server, a single-processor 733MHz system for US$2,799. For the $1,100 price premium the system commands over a basic 733MHz Power Mac G4, users get 256MB of RAM (instead of 128MB), an 80GB/7200RPM Ultra ATA drive (instead of 40GB/5400RPM), and a copy of Mac OS X Server (unlimited users, which sells for $999 on its own). As The Register points out, if your network consists of less than 10 Macs, it’s less expensive to buy a standard 733MHz Power Mac G4 and spring for the 10-user copy of OS X Server, which sells for $499. The new Power Mac G4 server is currently carrying a 15 day estimated ship time at the Apple Store.