PagePlanet Software, Inc. is pleased to offer PagePOP3, a web-based POP
email client using Modular Gateway Interface (MGI) Version 2.


PagePOP3 is perfect for checking your email remotely from home, during
trips or at public terminals. Your email is always safe, even if you
forget to logout, with our automatic timeout feature.

PagePOP3 works with multiple emails accounts. Each user has separate,
secure access to their email and password-protected control over account
preferences such as a custom signature.

Manage your email by saving emails you have sent and received or drafts
of new emails in separate folders. All emails are searchable by folder,
subject, sender, and/or date so you can locate the email you need. Add
contacts to your address book for quick reference.

PagePOP3 takes literally minutes to set-up with our full web-based
administration for adding, modifying and deleting users.

Special Pricing

Until the end of September, receive one free license of PagePOP3 with
each purchase of MGI Commerce. MGI Commerce currently sells for $299.
Read more about MGI below under About MGI.

If you already own MGI, purchase the PagePOP3 solution for just $25 per
domain. You have unlimited use of PagePOP3 under any one domain
including multiple POP accounts.

MGI and PagePOP3 may be purchased and downloaded online immediately.


Online Demo

A demo of the PagePOP3 Admin and User interfaces is available online now.



1. You must have an MGI Domain and/or Region set up with access to use
the Essentials, Programming, Network, File IO, Plus, and Database modules
of MGI version 2.x.
2. The “.mgi” suffix on your web server must be mapped to MGI2. We may
offer the solution with the “.mgi2” suffix in the very near future.
3. Your POP account must be configured with permissions to leave mail on
the email server if you choose that option in the PagePOP3 account

About MGI

MGI is a plug-in to the WebSTAR and IIS that allows web site developers
to integrate over 100 functions from simple counters to shopping carts
with easy-to-use, HTML-style tags. MGI tags are coded directly into the
HTML of a page and integrate seamlessly with any page layout or design.
You do not need a programming degree to make your web site work.

For server administrators, MGI is plug-and-play. All functions are fully
secure across multiple regions on a web server making MGI ideal for web
hosting companies, ISPs, and businesses with multiple divisions in
addition to machines running single domains. Web-based server
administration lets you enable MGI modules, configure custom error pages,
and set up HTTP file upload on a domain-by-domain basis. MGI’s syntax is
easy to use and one MGI license can be used for ALL domains on a server.

MGI includes all of these functions and more: HTTP file upload, e-
commerce, a built-in database, encryption, pay-per-view, banner ads,
polls, quizzes, web- based email, HTTP and file includes, password-
protection, guestbook, forms processing, send mail, cloaking, redirects,
counters, julian dates, file modification, cookies, no cache directives,
string manipulation, and data validation plus low-level customization
tags including conditionals, switches, and loops.

As always, if you need more information give us a call or send us an
email. We’ll be glad to respond to your request.


— Valerie Crisp

PagePlanet Software, Inc. 919-233-1770 (ph)
3252 Octavia St 919-852-5261 (fx)
Raleigh NC 27606 (