Vienna, Austria – August 29th, 2001

New innovative tools for Designers and Developers – Great variety of
plugins available Aggressively priced top-level software.

Crosslinks GmbH and SQLBoss Inc. are pleased to announce a new product line
of Database- and Content-Management Systems. The growing demand on dynamic
WebSites, forces Graphic Designers & Developers to produce more
sophisticated applications than ever before.

SQLBoss Monitor is the first-choice tool for managing the content of
web-enabled databases. The import/export functionality and the dynamically
generated data entry layouts provide a very easy and flexible way to keep
WebSites up-to-date. The built-in WYSIWYG HTML Field-Editor even makes it
possible to highlight text (i.e. bold, italic) with a single click.

SQLBoss Developer is the premier application for rapid database development
on remote hosts. Designers can create and change databases and export their
work as fully functional PHP files. Additionally the software includes all
features of SQLBoss Monitor.

Both products, SQLBoss Monitor and SQLBoss Developer, are available for all
Windows platforms, MacOS and MacOS X. The Public Preview release includes
mySQL support (fully implemented), PostgreSQL (beta), ODBC (beta) and Local
Databases (beta). Users without access to a database-server may use the
“” service offered by Crosslinks. It will give developers
immediate access to a database and Webspace for dynamic webpages.

We are also very pleased to introduce a series of plugins for SQLBoss
Developer and SQLBoss Monitor. The plugins enhance the software and enable
a wealth of great features such as out-of-the-box News- and
Mail-Management. Developers producing dynamic WebSites appreciate the
simplicity of the application.
“No more need to develop a WebSite admin area for Content-Management” says
Florian Rath, Managing Director of Crosslinks GmbH., “as almost all
features for maintaining the content reside in the plugins, including
styling and sizing of text.”
All the user needs is the SQLBoss Monitor and the plugin of his choice. The
list of available plugins comprises:

+ Mail Manager
+ News Manager
+ Content Manager
+ Shop Manager
+ FAQ Manager
+ Calendar
+ Shopping Mall
+ Data Sharing
+ Registration System
+ Payment and Order Manager
+ Banner Management

The Public Preview version can be downloaded at and
includes fully functional Mail- and News-Modules. The plugins offer offline
working and online synchronization with the host. An ideal partner for
Intranet/Internet solutions. Crosslinks GmbH provides the hosting at this
stage and is seeking other ASPs and ISPs to implement the server-side

SQLBoss Monitor is available for aggressive US$ 19.95 and is even free when
using a “” plugin. SQLBoss Developer costs US$ 99.95.
Customers purchasing SQLBoss Developer before the final release date on
October 1st, 2001 will receive a discount of 25%. All registered customers
will receive free updates up to Version 2.0.

Upcoming SQLBoss applications will support a wide range of databases
including Oracle, Foxbase, 4D, OpenBase, ODBC, mSQL and many more.

Please find more Infos at: