Announcing LANsurveyor 6.0

LANsurveyor 6.0 adds a host of new features including Neon Responder for
Mac OS X, tight integration with AT&T’s VNC open-source screen-sharing
application, printer requests for paper and toner levels and page counts,
SNMP trap handling, and a redesigned user interface.

Here are a few of the new features:

* Support for Neon Responder for OS X, plus new versions of
Neon Responder for Mac OS and Windows
* Redesigned user interface with multi-threaded management
and reporting options throughout
* Built-in support for VNC screen-sharing
* Ability to query for printer information such as page counts
and toner and paper levels for SNMP-enabled printers
* Receive and send alerts based on SNMP traps
* An entirely new alert mechanism
* Incremental map layout
* Support for BetterTelnet as well as NCSA Telnet

For a more detailed description of these features, see our LANsurveyor
upgrade page:

You can read more about this new update on the Neon Software web pages: Upgrade prices depend on the number of Neon Responders
you have purchased and range from US$99 to US$199. For upgrade pricing, see
our upgrades page:

If you are a registered user of LANsurveyor, you should receive an upgrade
form in postal mail from Neon Software. If you haven’t registered your
copy, please contact Neon Software or your local Neon Software
international distributor directly. Finally, if you’ve purchased a copy of
LANsurveyor in the last 90 days, please contact us to obtain your FREE

Current Version Numbers

Here is a list of our current shipping product version numbers. We do
release minor bug fixes in the form of electronic “patches” on our ftp site
in the pub/updates folder:

If there is a patch for a product, the current patch version is in
parenthesis following the product name. Be sure to read the associated Read
Me file for each patch — the Read Me files are on our ftp site also.

CyberGauge for Mac OS 3.1
CyberGauge for Windows 3.1
LANsurveyor 6.0
NetMinder Ethernet 4.2 (4.3)
NetMinder LocalTalk 1.1.1 (1.1.2)
RouterCheck 3.0

As always, thank you for your support and purchases
of our products.

Neon Software, Inc.