[1] [PR] Free Release of WebView=81 1.0.3

WebView=81 1.0.3 Released – Web/Ftp Server Traffic Log Analyzer

Brindisi, Italy, August 24, 2001 – Warp Corporation announced the immediate
availability and shipment of WebView=81 1.0.3, a new Web/Ftp Server Log
Analyzer allowing Web Administrators to better understand and analyze their
Web/Ftp Server traffic.

WebView=81 1.0.3 supports both Windows and MacOS platforms.

“We’re delighted about WebView=81 and the unique advantage it gives Web
Professionals implementing e-marketing strategies or just monitoring
accesses to their servers,” said Adriano Cisternino, President and CEO of
Warp Corporation “We’ve been on the look out for a specific solution to
address our e-marketing strategies for a long time, and WebView=81 1.0.3
equips Webmasters and Marketing professionals with a powerful new tool for
delivering solutions in the enterprise.”

By allowing a completely intuitive access to Web/Ftp servers log files,
WebView=81 1.0.3 provides a wide range of possibilities to analyze traffic t=
the servers. The user, in fact, can view the data in the forms of
customizable animated graphs, for best viewing of complex charts or as an
easy to browse records interface, allowing a multitude of perspective and
linking capabilities. Other very powerful capabilities are offered by the
possibility of building unlimited user based reports and records exporting
capabilities subject to customized querying.

Version 1.0.3 is a free release and can be downloaded just by registering
on our web site at


Further details on where to download WebView=81 will be obtained at the=
end of
the registration process.

In this release there are already several nice features:

* Multi Log management

* Customizable Animated Charts and Reports

* URL/FTP filtering

* Sessions management

* IP Address Management

* User Management

* DNS Lookup for IP address resolution

* Domain Management

* World Regions processing and Management

* IP Address Management

* and much more

Contacts: Warp Marketing Warp Engineering
Anita Liuzzi Antonio Minnella
anita@ars-magna.com antonio@ ars-magna.com