REAL Software delivers the latest version of REALbasic, with added support
for 3D graphics, Microsoft Office, and more.

August 20, 2001. AUSTIN, TX- REAL Software today announced the availability
of REALbasic 3.5. REALbasic 3.5 improves support for Mac OS X, Apple’s next
generation operating system, and adds powerful new 3D graphics, Microsoft
Office automation, an internal scripting language, and much more. Since
version 3 shipped in February of this year, REALbasic has won a second
“Freakin’ Awesome” award from MacAddict, a “four mouse” rating from Mac
World magazine, and appeared for the third year in a row in Apple’s Design
Awards (the only product to ever repeat there).

“REALbasic 3.5 delivers on our commitment to provide two major releases per
year, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that this new release takes advantage
of Mac OS X,” said Geoff Perlman, President and CEO of REAL Software. “We
expect to see even more cool new software from REALbasic users worldwide
displaying exciting 3D graphics, executing code on the fly, and driving
powerful new business applications with the DataControl and Microsoft
Office Automation.”

REALbasic is the powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating your own software
for Macintosh, Mac OS X, and Windows. It runs natively on Mac OS X as well
as earlier versions of the Mac OS. REALbasic allows almost anyone to build
software to solve problems, run a business, or just have fun. This new
release provides even more power and ease-of-use for its growing numbers of
users everywhere.

Microsoft Office Automation opens a new arena for REALbasic developers to
create custom solutions. It provides access to every aspect of Office
2000/2001 and Office 10 for Mac OS X (once available in the fall) for
creating and modifying Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents and components.

“REALbasic 3.5’s Office Automation creates new opportunities for Macintosh
developers,” said Michael Connolly, group program manager of the Macintosh
Business Unit at Microsoft, Corp. “Visual Basic developers have enjoyed
this ability for some time, and now REALbasic users can as well. It’s great
that REALbasic users will be able to leverage the power of Office for Mac.”

RbScript, another exciting aspect to this new release, will allow users to
create much more flexible applications. Think of it as a REALbasic Virtual
Machine inside every REALbasic application. Rb3D, the new 3D engine for
REALbasic, is arguably the easiest way to program 3D graphics for games,
visualization tools, graphs, and much more. REALbasic’s Regular Expression
engine provides industry-standard text manipulation (compatible with PERL
syntax). The new DataControl makes using REALbasic’s database features even
easier, with navigation and data display functions built-in. REALbasic 3.5
also adds the ability to compile for Microsoft Windows XP, in addition to
numerous other enhancements and improvements to reliability. Visit the
website for more details.

REALbasic is available for US$149.95 for the Standard Edition and US$349.95
for the Professional Edition packages, direct from REAL Software.
Downloadable upgrades from version 3 will range from $29.95 to $89.95. REAL
Software offers academic and volume discounts as well as download-only
options. In addition to US English, REALbasic is available in Dutch,
French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese.

About REAL Software: REAL Software was founded in 1996 and is based in
Austin, Texas. For more information visit or call
For more information about REALbasic, visit: