CodeWarrior Pre-release Discount Ends at Midnight, September 9th for
Professional Edition Software Development Tools

Metrowerks Scheduled to Ship CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Version 7.0 on
September 10; Adds CodeWarrior for Palm OS Platform to Pre-release Discount

AUSTIN, Texas-August 15, 2001- Twenty-five days remain in the Pre-release
Discount Program for renewing licenses and new licenses of CodeWarrior for
Mac OS, Version 7.0, Professional Edition. The pre-release discount
provides renewing licensees with a $50 reduction on their renewal price,
and provides new licensees with a $100 reduction. Metrowerks announced the
pre-release discount program at Macworld in New York on July 17. Until
midnight CDT on September 9, 2001, a renewing license is US$249; a new
license is US$499. On September 10, a renewing license is US$299; a new
license is US$599. Pre-releases pricing also applies to licenses of the
combined package of CodeWarrior for Mac OS and Windows, Version 7.0,
Professional Edition.

Since WWDC, where Metrowerks first distributed free copies of its “Early
Access Technology” for Mac OS X development, demand for the new tools has
grown rapidly. Of the tools available for Mac OS X development, only
CodeWarrior development tools allow a developer to write a single
application that targets both Classic Mac OS (8.6, 9.x) and OS X. The new
CodeWarrior tools take advantage of the unique features of Apple’s Mac OS X
and incorporate the look and feel of Mac OS X’s “Aqua” user interface. More
information about CodeWarrior product features is available at

Due to the growing interest among Mac developers to extend their
applications to the lucrative market of handheld devices, Metrowerks has
today added CodeWarrior for Palm OS, Version 7.0 to the Pre-release
Discount Program. Licensees of CodeWarrior for Mac OS, v. 7.0 may add a
license of CodeWarrior for Palm OS development tools for US$299, which is a
discount of $70.

Renewing and new licensees may participate in the Pre-release Discount
Program by ordering their licenses directly from Metrowerks. Authorized
distributors and resellers are not included in the discount program. Prior
to the deadline on September 9, 2001, developers may order online at Options to ordering online
are: contact Brian Miller, at 512-997-5643, or 1-800-377-5416 X5643, or; or contact Matt Moore at 512-997-5653 or
1-800-377-5416 X5653, or

All prices are msrp and are quoted in US dollars. The Pre-release Discount
Program for CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Version 7.0, Professional Edition, for
CodeWarrior for Mac OS and Windows OS Version 7.0, Professional Edition;
and for CodeWarrior for Palm OS, Version 7.0 ends September 9, 2001 at 12
midnight, central daylight time.

About Metrowerks

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Metrowerks develops,
markets and supports CodeWarrior software development solutions for a
number of operating systems and the most popular microprocessors.
CodeWarrior’s cross-platform compilers support C, C++, Java and assembly
programming languages and are used for both embedded systems development
and desktop applications. CodeWarrior allows programmers to build
applications from one unique integrated development environment (IDE). For
more information, please visit the Metrowerks web site at
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