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APStripFiles for Mac OS X

APStripFiles is a command line application that removes attached or
embedded files from PDF documents. It enables you to protect your systems
from malicious unwanted PDF file attachments.

Recent events, such as the Code Red Worm virus, have required the industry
to rethink the safety of daily information transfer. One of the mechanisms
which has come under scrutiny has been the accepted standard for document
exchange, the PDF, or Portable Document Format file. While this format is
virtually immune to viruses, Adobe Acrobat does allow the attachment of
files to PDFs. This feature, if misused, allows system vulnerability. Using
our high-performance technology, we produced a utility which will
automatically strip any attachments from PDFs without damage to the PDF

APStripFiles offers you the option to remove the files from the original
PDF document or make a copy of the PDF without the attachment, leaving the
original PDF untouched. It can be used on the desktop, a web server or
directly on an e-mail server to avoid the transfer of viruses that can be
carried by a PDF file attachment. APStripFiles supports the removal of
attachments from multiple PDF files using file names or wildcards.

APStripFiles for Mac OS X can be downloaded free from,

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