[PR] Waves in Motion Releases Analyzer 3.0 beta for FileMaker Pro
Completely rebuilt analysis system now supports Windows

August 13, 2001 — Phoenix, AZ – Waves in Motion will showcase Analyzer 3.0
beta, a new comprehensive system for documenting and debugging FileMaker
Pro databases, at the FileMaker Developer’s Conference in Orlando, Florida,
August 13-15.

Completely rewritten to take advantage of FileMaker’s new Database Design
Report, Analyzer 3.0 allows developers to find and cross-reference any
element in their database and works seamlessly with Windows 98, NT, ME and
2000, Mac OS 8.6 or later and Mac OS X.

“This is the Analyzer we’ve all been waiting for,” said Vince Menanno,
President of Waves in Motion. “We’ve responded to the requests of the
developer community and are excited to debut this product alongside
FileMaker Developer 5.5 beta.”

Analyzer pinpoints common database problems with its unique automatic
problem detection system with red dot alerts showing missing items, broken
relationships, broken value lists, missing scripts and more.

In a glance, Analyzer provides all dependencies for fields, layouts, fields
and buttons on layouts, relationships, scripts and script steps, value
lists and passwords. With expanded hotlinking capabilities, users can
easily jump to information about a referenced item with a single click, and
work across databases in both directions.

Analyzer 3.0 comes with multiple solution and multiple analysis support. It
quickly documents all your solutions, even multiple times, and stores
information in one convenient place. Add comments and notes to any element
in the database and create difference reports to track changes over time.
Users can also generate summarized or detailed reports for printing or
exporting in HTML and XML for online documentation.

“Analyzer 3.0 is completely new. The only thing we haven’t changed is the
name,” said Geoff Coffey, Chief Developer for Waves in Motion. “If you
tried Analyzer before, it’s time for a second look. You won’t be

– Fully cross platform
– Provides detailed information on any element
– Searches any element of your databases
– Shows red dot alerts for potential problems
– Provides comprehensive object reference lists
– Hotlinks between related elements
– Provides complete project history
– Filters with oAzium Portal Filter
– Allows for detailed notes on any element
– Supports HTML and XML exporting
– Creates difference reports to track changes
– Documents plug-ins
– Integrates with Visualizer 1.0

Technical Requirements:

Analyzer 3.0 requires FileMaker Developer 5.5 and runs on Windows 98, NT,
ME and 2000, or Mac OS 8.6 or later and Mac OS X. The beta version of
Analyzer 3.0 can be downloaded from


The final version of Analyzer 3.0 will ship in Fall 2001.

For more information, visit( http://www.wmotion.com) or stop by Waves in
Motion’s Product Showcase Booth at the FileMaker Developer’s Conference for
a live demonstration.

Waves in Motion is the developer of a growing collection of FileMaker
solutions and plug-ins, including oAzium CC Authorize, oAzium Events,
oAzium Date & Time, oAzium Portal Filter, The Analyzer, and The Dragon Web
Surveys. They are active members of the FileMaker Solution Alliance and the
Apple Developer Program, and have been consulting and developing FileMaker
solutions since 1990.

Sales Contact:
Mitch Wayne
(602) 956-7080 ext. 24
(602) 956-6457 Fax