String stuff plugin 2.2 is available.

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This is a plugin that does many things. The simplest things it does
is: Returning a memoryblock that points to a string that you passed as
a parameter, allowing you to alter the string “”””””””in place”””””””” simply by
altering the memoryblock’s .byte property; doing ascb(midb(mystring, i,
1)) 9x faster; giving you an instrb equivilent for memoryblocks.

InCharSet returns the first character in the container that is
contained itself inside the CharSet parameter. So
InCharSet(“”””””””xxxxxaxxxx””””””””,1,0,””””””””a””””””””) would return 6, because the first
character in “”””””””xxxxxaxxxx”””””””” that is in “”””””””a””””””””, is the 6th character.
OutCharSet returns the first character in the container that *isn’t*
contained in the CharSet parameter. So
OutCharSet(“”””””””abcdefghijk””””””””,1,0,””””””””abcdeghijk””””””””) would return 6 also, because
“”””””””f”””””””” isn’t in “”””””””abcdeghijk””””””””.