Intranet Workgroup Solution Facilitates Communication for Collaboration and
Document Management

SAN FRANCISCO, July 17, 2001 — Web Crossing, Inc. today announced its
first ever specialized community solution, Team Crossing. Team Crossing is
a Web Crossing-based intranet/extranet collaboration and document
management solution optimized for workgroup use. Now setting up a
high-quality, industrial strength online collaboration space is easy with
features specially tailored for workgroups such as group calendaring,
document checkout and sharing system, public and private discussion areas,
live meeting areas, SSL support and much more. Available today as a
complete server hosted solution or as a licensed product on all major
platforms, Team Crossing is located at (http://www.webcrossing.com/tc2).

“”””””””We’ve long been known as the virtual communities powerhouse, and there is
no more powerful community than a workgroup,”””””””” said Tim Lundeen, founder and
CEO of Web Crossing. “”””””””Team Crossing solves the problem of email storms,
collects information into an informal online knowledge base, and improves
communication and productivity throughout a company.””””””””

World Accessible, No Training Necessary
Now, workgroups can jump right into productivity with an intuitive toolset
accessible anywhere with Web access. Team Crossing sites contain top level
portal-like desktops areas, customizable for the user with a general
discussion area and an unlimited number of color-coded open or
access-controlled project areas with email notification of new activity.
Document check-out allows for managed collaborative editing, without the
fear of two people editing the same document at the same time. Team
Crossing includes optional SSL support for ultimate privacy and security.

Team Crossing’s email boxes are fully integrated with a choice of POP3,
IMAP or webmail access plus email-list serving functions. Team Crossing
serves either static or dynamic web pages, with group calendaring, polls
and live interactive event areas. New users can be set up with no client
downloads necessary. For more information and a complete list of features
see (http://webcrossing.com/web/home/solutions/intranets). To demonstrate
Team Crossing see (http://teamdemo.webcrossing.com).

About Web Crossing Software
Built on a scalable Internet/intranet server, Web Crossing features
threaded or linear discussions, integrated newsgroups and mailing lists,
full email services, secure communications, personal calendar, real-time
chat and live event functionality, all highly extensible with powerful web
application programming capabilities.

About Web Crossing, Inc.
Web Crossing, Inc. is the Internet’s virtual-communities powerhouse,
committed to providing high-quality software and related services at a fair
price. Web Crossing software is scalable, customizable and highly
extensible to address the needs of virtual communities and collaborative
groups. Privately held, Web Crossing, Inc. runs its own business using Web
Crossing to work with its customers and employees from San Francisco to
Boston and Tokyo. Award-winning Web Crossing software serves over 15
million pages per day at thousands of sites, including well-known, high
traffic sites as CNN, NY Times, Apple, Adobe and Autodesk. Further
information on Web Crossing software and Web Crossing, Inc. may be obtained
by calling 916/771-7099, accessing Web Crossing’s Web site at
(http://www.webcrossing.com), or sending email to info@webcrossing.com.