InterMapper Turns Five with Version 3.5

Hanover, NH – 9 July 2001. Dartware, LLC announces the immediate
availability of InterMapper 3.5, the latest release of its network
monitoring and alerting program. InterMapper which enters its fifth year of
sales with over 1200 customers worldwide, started life as a product sold by
Dartmouth College. In April, 2000, Dartware spun out from the College and
began enhancing and marketing InterMapper.

InterMapper 3.5 monitors network web, mail, DNS, and other servers, routers
and other switching equipment. It also monitors LAN and WAN links to detect
troubles in the network and alert the network manager to the problems. It
quickly and easily creates maps of the network that serve as a
documentation and troubleshooting aid. The built-in web server also allows
a network manager to see the health of the network remotely using a
standard web browser.

A demonstration version of InterMapper 3.5 is available from:

InterMapper 3.5 includes the following new features:

* Compatibility with MacOS X and Classic Mac OS. InterMapper has been
carbonized to run natively on the Apple Computer’s Unix-based Macintosh OS
X system. It also works with the Classic Macintosh OS from System 7.5 to

* Custom SNMP Probes. This allows InterMapper to test many new kinds of
equipment. Network managers can now create probes that examine arbitrary
SNMP MIB variables and set alarms when those variables exceed
user-definable thresholds.

* Many new probes: HTTPS Get and Post probes will test secure web servers;
Cisco CPU utilization and temperature; MGE UPS probe; temperature and
relative humidity via APC UPS environmental monitoring card; CVS
(Concurrent Version System) server; VNC Screen-sharing server probe.

* Detects vulnerable MacOS systems: InterMapper raises an alarm when it
detects a Macintosh computer with OpenTransport SNMP installed. This helps
avoid crashes by notifying network managers of the presence of this

* Improved autodiscovery: Autodiscovery proceeds much faster, and shows
switch port numbers instead of subnets for less clutter.

* Built-in Users and Groups: InterMapper’s web server can allow or deny
access to web pages using the MacOS Users and Groups, or using its own
built-in users and groups facility for MacOS X and AppleShare IP servers.

* SNMP Trap Receiver: SNMP Traps can now be processed and filtered by an

* Many minor enhancements.

InterMapper 3.5 is priced by the number of devices monitored. A ten-device
version sells for $295; a version to test an unlimited number of devices is
priced at $1995. A support subscription is available that entitles the
customer to all the updates and new versions released during the
subscription period.

To learn more about InterMapper, or to get a demonstration version, please
visit our web site at:

About Dartware, LLC:

Dartware, LLC develops network monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting
software. Its flagship product is InterMapper 3.5. It also sells the
MacPing network troubleshooting program and the SNMP Watcher console for
SNMP queries. Dartware spun out from Dartmouth College in April 2000, and
has offices in Hanover, NH.

Contact Information:

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