The MacHax(tm) Group announces the results from the
Fifteenth Annual MacHax Best Hack Contest at MacHack 2001.

In its sixteenth year, MacHack convened one minute after midnight on June
24, 2001 for another solid 72 hours of sleep deprivation, hacking,
networking, and other dubiously-caffeinated endeavors. The conference
opened with a keynote from several members of the original Macintosh
engineering team, including Caroline Rose, without whom very few of us
would have had anything to read, Donn Denman (creator of MacBASIC, which
was subsequently squashed by Microsoft prior to release), as well as other
folks from the original Mac group, like Randy Wigginton, Andy Hertzfeld,
Bill Atkinson, Jef Raskin, and Dan Kottke.

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