Hsoi’s Shop Releases 6 Contextual Menu Plugins

Austin, TX – 1 July 2001 – Hsoi’s Shop (http://www.hsoi.com/hsoishop/)
today released six contextual menu plugins for Mac OS. Three of the plugins
are updates to Hsoi’s Shop’s existing line of plugins, and the remaining
three plugins are new releases bringing more utility to Mac users

New Releases:
LockItCMPlugin and UnlockItCMPlugin – two separate CMPlugins, one for
locking files and one for unlocking files. Separating the functionality
into two plugins enables users greater choice and flexibility in obtaining
the level of functionality they desire: only locking, only unlocking, both
locking and unlocking, or neither.

MROItCMPlugin – a CMPlugin to set the “”””””””modify-read-only”””””””” (MRO) flag of a
‘ckid’ resource. A handy tool for developers.

DeskPicChangerCMPlugin – supports resolution of alias files.
FileHierToClipCMPlugin – better support for large hierarchies.
FilePathToClipCMPlugin – sync release.

“”””””””I figured it was time I got off my duff and released these,”””””””” said John C.
Daub, Grand Pooh-Bah of Hsoi’s Shop. “”””””””I wrote them to solve problems I had,
and am happy to know the sharing of these utilities is helping others
enhance their productivity as well.””””””””

Pricing on all plugins is free. Full source code for all plugins is freely
available for download at the Hsoi’s Shop web site.


For further information, please contact:

John C. Daub
Grand Pooh-Bah, Hsoi’s Shop