SFX Machine from Sound Guy, Updated to Version 1.52

Santa Cruz, California, June 20, 2001 — The Sound Guy has announced a new
release of SFX Machine, an award-winning Premiere-format audio effects
plug-in for the Macintosh. SFX Machine combines the power of modular
synthesis with the simplicity of a multi-effects unit. Version 1.52 is now
available direct from The Sound Guy at a quarter of the original price.

SFX Machine is now optimized for G4s. In addition, version 1.5x offers
improved audio quality over earlier releases. Finally, version 1.52 fixes a
bug in earlier versions when running under Adobe Premiere 6.0.

SFX Machine requires a Power Macintosh and a Premiere-format host program.
It works with Peak, Peak LE, Deck, Vision, Premiere, Digital Performer,
Logic Audio and Metro. A fully functional try-before-you-buy version is
available from the SFX Machine web site, (http://www.sfxmachine.com).

The direct URL for downloading the software is:
A graphic of the software may be downloaded from:
(http://www.sfxmachine.com/images/SFX_Machine_Screenshot.jpg). Please
contact Earl Vickers at sfx@sfxmachine.com with any questions.

About The Sound Guy
The Sound Guy, Inc. (d.b.a. The Sound Guy) is the new publisher of
SFX Machine. Earl Vickers, C.E.O. of The Sound Guy, is the program’s