Press Release
For Immediate Release

Beaufort, SC – May 21, 2001 – Always Thinking, Inc. proudly announces the
release of Thinking Home for Mac OS X. Winner of the 2000 Apple Design
Award for Apple Technology Adoption, Thinking Home delivers unprecedented
ease of use for Macintosh home automation while still providing the most
powerful features. You can store a schedule in an X-10 computer interface,
such as the ActiveHome, and turn off your Macintosh. Your lamps and
appliances are then turned on and off via X-10 technology according to your
schedule. For the power user, you can leave your Mac running full-time and
leverage the flexibility of AppleScript to add intelligence to your system
and expand its interaction with other applications such as email and web

One of the most impressive strengths of Thinking Home is the built-in
speech recognition. You can operate your living room lamp by simply telling
your Mac “Turn on the living room lamp.” It’s that easy!

If you’re new to the convenience and security of X-10 compatible home
automation, you’ll love the 250+ pages of Apple Help and the Sherlock
plug-in that finds your answers using the Google Groups search of the
comp.home.automation newsgroup.

When running on Mac OS 9, there is the unique Desktop Remote contextual
menu. This enables you to operate a Desktop Device directly from the Finder
without luanching Thinking Home. A Desktop Device is created by simply
dragging a device from a Thinking Home window and dropping it in the Finder.

System Requirements
Thinking Home v1.1.5 for Mac OS X runs on Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. When used
with Mac OS X, a Keypsan USB serial adapter (USA-28X, for example) is
required*. Thinking Home supports the ActiveHome and IBM Home Director
computer interfaces as well as the CP-290 and FireCracker.

* Note: USA-28 is not compatible with Mac OS X. Keyspan models ending in
“X” are supported.

About Always Thinking
Founded in 1997, Always Thinking provides professional Macintosh
development services to clients large and small. Visit the web site for
more information at