Loveland, CO — 16 May 2001 — Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., the leading
developer of Linux solutions for PowerPC(tm) microprocessors, has frozen
all development on Yellow Dog Linux 2.0, the much anticipated and
long-awaited Linux distribution that features, among many updates, a
graphical installer.

“YDL 2.0 is not only a new release, but an offering for a new kind of user
as well. To date we have delivered a powerful OS for the Linux savvy: the
techs, the admins, and the geeks. We continue to support these power users
and are equally proud to engage a great deal more of the PowerPC community.
With our installer and KDE 2.1, YDL offers a full featured, rich
environment that just makes sense. It feels familiar. As one of our beta
testers stated just this week, ‘I can say with confidence that I no longer
require another OS on my iBook –this is everything I need,'” states Kai
Staats, co-founder and CEO.

The graphical installer for YDL 2.0 was written almost entirely in-house by
the Terra Soft development team. Termed “yi”, the installer features two
installation modes for both novice and advanced uses. Each screen is
concise and to the point. As it is designed specifically for PowerPC, yi
has the ability to automate more of the installation process then the
previous installer.

Dan Burcaw, co-founder and CIO states, “The technology behind this release
is something we’ve been using in-house for quite a while. It just works.
We’re pleased to finally share our hard work with the world.”

Yellow Dog Linux 2.0 includes a simplified booting procedure that is
automatically installed and configured during installation. Based on Red
Hat 7.0+, YDL 2.0 is consistent with the recent advancements in x86 Linux

“With the release of YDL 2.0 and the 2.4 kernel, SMP is now a reality for
everyday use. No longer relegated to just servers, SMP on the desktop
offers performance previously unheard of. I think everyone should have a
dual processor G4 –I certainly won’t be parting with mine anytime soon!”
states Kevyn Shortell, CTO for Terra Soft.

YDL 2.0 features the elegant and powerful KDE 2.1 desktop, kernels 2.2.19
and 2.4.4, XFree86 4.0.2, Mozilla, Open Office, Java, and much more.
Mac-On-Linux, an application that allows the entire Mac OS to be run inside
of Linux, now offers a simplified setup procedure.

Staats concludes, “We recognize the wait for 2.0 has been longer than
anyone anticipated. I therefore thank our patient, supportive, and
understanding customers for whom we did not stop developing until YDL was
complete.” In roughly two weeks, YDL 2.0 will be available from the Terra
Soft online Store and resellers world-wide.

About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. is a leading developer of innovative
technologies for PowerPC Linux. Yellow Dog Linux, their flagship product,
has boosted viability of Linux for PowerPC. Black Lab Linux provides an
advanced Linux distribution for parallel and embedded computing systems.

For more information, visit http://www.terrasoftsolutions.com